More Species to Find in a Redwood Forest

Photo gallery: plants (and creatures!) to look for on your next hike in the Bay Area's Redwood forests!


California sorrel, or Oxalis, is ubiquitous on old-growth forest floors.


This one has big, bold, white flowers, but in these season we only see the three leaves for which it was named. Notice the Oxalis beneath it.

trillium, redwood forest, oxalis
Trillium plants in a redwood forest


California sister butterfly rests on some Tannoak. And a scorpion found under a log!


Lady fern, Bracken ferns, five-fingered ferns, – lots of ferns. Ferns love redwood forests.

Tiger Lily

These gorgeous flowers are one of many that grace redwood forests. See also: rhododendrons, monkey flowers, trillium, lupines.


Banana slugs, Ariolimax californicus californicus.

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