We aim to empower students as they prepare for their careers. In the spirit of #lifelonglearning, the writing at Bio by the Bay covers science and more.


In our Journal Club, we try to break down peer-reviewed science papers into easily digested essays.

We also write General Science essays to introduce topics in first and second year STEM courses. Review Papers are also great intros to their fields.

Student Life

What goes into a college application? How do I stay motivated? When should I start preparing for a career?

We are here to cheer you on, from high school into college and beyond, with our Student Life posts.

View of palm trees from a kayak on Kauian river

Study Break

Take a Study Break to read about random topics, non-STEM subjects, or fun new hobbies.

I have scattered interests, so this includes stuff from Dracula to Scottish Country dancing.

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