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High School Girl, Don’t Let Boys Scare You From STEM

This post was originally published on Mentors Now. Our group of graduate student mentors and their flock of high school freshmen marched through the halls of a university engineering center. Laser cutting, mechanical shearing and shaping, 3-D printing and scanning, electrical circuit labs, and more flanked every room and hall. “All this can be yours!” […]

Treating Influenza: A “Good Old Days” Paper on a Virus That Isn’t Covid

The Paper: Optimization of affinity, specificity and function of designed influenza inhibitors using deep sequencing The Jist of It: Authors Whitehead et al. (2012) use “deep sequencing” to search for antiviral agents, targeting influenza viruses. In short, they took a protein sequence, mutated it randomly throughout, and looked for new versions that were better at […]

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