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New Year’s Challenge: The Giving Game

This month’s study break posts are simply lists of twelve New Year’s goals – one for each month of the year.

Our last once-a-month list post is gift ideas. Follow covid-19 safety guidelines and put together something like . . .

  1. Painted rocks. I’ve had a few little stones left on my doorstep and can concur they bring happiness.
  2. Personalized bookmarks or notepads.
  3. A bouquet, from your garden or recent hike.
  4. The result of a project: woodworking, sewing, or otherwise.
  5. Baked goods or specially picked teas or hot cocoa supplies.
  6. Gift card to local shops or eateries.
  7. Gift subscriptions.
  8. Check out what the local homeless shelter needs.
  9. Donate to a favorite charity.
  10. Donate for research towards a disease you care about.
  11. Sometimes, the gift of time and a listening ear is all a friend really needs.
  12. That, and chocolate.

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