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New Year’s Challenge: A Book a Month

This month’s study break posts are simply lists of twelve New Year’s goals – one for each month of the year.

Every blogger remotely interested in reading eventually composes a New Year’s booklist. So I suppose it is about time we announced a reading scavenger hunt. The 2021 reading challenge includes:

  1. A book from every continent.
  2. A novel made into a movie you’ve seen.
  3. A book of mythology (or other topic) from a culture you haven’t read from before.
  4. A book by a scientist first published at least a hundred years ago.
  5. An autobiography by someone you have something in common with.
  6. A book with an invertebrate in the title or on the cover.
  7. A collection of essays.
  8. A Pulitzer, Aventis, or AAAS/Subaru Prize winning book.
  9. A book about a subject you’ve always thought is kinda silly.
  10. A book including camels.
  11. A book with purple on the cover.
  12. A book with opening lines in a language other than that of the text.

Whether or not you end up using this reading challenge, you can share your current booklist below!

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  1. This looks really fun!
    I’m currently reading (slowly) War and Peace by Tolstoy so will bookmark this challenge for another time 😁

    Two books on my list that I’m super looking forward to reading: Killing Commendatore by Murakami and The Courage to Be Disliked by Koga and Kishimi. Seems to be Japanese author time coming up!

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