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New Year’s Challenge: Writing Letters

This month’s study break posts are simply lists of twelve New Year’s goals – one for each month of the year.

I’ve heard that stuff like cursive and paperback books are dying thanks to technology, but I am full on Luddite when it comes to the written word. If you do choose this as your New Year’s Resolution, do feel free to amend my list for each month’s mail to something that will give you a less spastic reputation.

  1. Postcards.
  2. Thank you notes. Classic.
  3. Anything with calligraphy.
  4. An essay of your day – or your day as you wish it had been. Handwritten necessary; fancy stationary optional.
  5. A poem of the quality to earn you some sort of poetic laureate. Or, you know, a few lines of doggerel your recipient will find amusing.
  6. A post-it note or anything, really, etched out in barely legible chicken scratch.
  7. A list of your day’s grievances. Select your audience wisely.
  8. A birthday card, or for a holiday or other celebration.
  9. A congratulations. Passive aggressives don’t count.
  10. A postcard with your Insta/SnapChat story scribbled out in pen and mailed to all your followers instead.
  11. Something written in code or with the alphabet of a dead language.
  12. An uplifting quote written in invisible ink (there’s a right and a wrong way of doing this).

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  1. Writing in cursive is amazing. And I’ve noticed, as I’m writing in cursive (creative side of the brain), if I start listing things (logical side of the brain), my penmanship automatically slips into print. I’ve noticed too that my handwritten stories are much richer and well rounded than my typed ones (that doesn’t bode well for mega-productivity 😂).

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    1. Yes, very true! Nietzsche thought a similar thing (I believe I read this in Nicholas Carr’s book, The Shallows) – he wrote that when he moved his writing from handwritten to typewriter, he could sense his style and thought process change. Perhaps it’s no different than switching from painting in oils to watercolors? 😆

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      1. Have you considered “One Cursive Page”? Write it, photograph it, and then email it
        as a photo?

        I’m a fiction writer. I often use an ancient Olympia SM9 typewriter. I’ve noticed that my typos decrease when typed old school rather than a word processor. I often kickstart my writing in cursive.

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