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New Year’s Challenge: Creative Hospitality

This month’s study break posts are simply lists of twelve New Year’s goals – one for each month of the year.

Today’s suggestion: virtual party planning!

  1. Cook-Off.
  2. Dance party. (Also, what is the best way to share music over Zoom?!)
  3. Drinking games. Designated driver no longer needed.
  4. Backyard/garden tours.
  5. Oscar Party. Except you’re not watching it, but taking turns presenting fake acceptance speeches.
  6. Virtual jam session.
  7. Open mic night. It’s never a bad time for karaoke between thin walls.
  8. Costume party (costumes must match virtual backgrounds, of course).
  9. Talent show.
  10. Trivia night. With teams collaborating in breakout rooms.
  11. Art show. I don’t really care if this is showcasing art in peoples’ homes, or if the guests prepare art themselves, but I definitely prefer the latter. Bonus points for outrageously philosophical interpretations by the “critics” viewing each piece.
  12. Virtual classes. Guests can take turns teaching subjects of their choice, from How to Fail at Providing Manager Feedback at Work, to Recovering Your Image on Social Media After an Epic Fail. I am sure we’ll all be amazed at our guest’s expert knowledge.

Share your favorite Zoom party ideas in the comments below.

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  1. Ooohhhh! Book club discussions! Except instead of everyone reading the same book, they all read different books, then share, and each participant can decide if they want to read any of the ones shared. Maybe cooking parties too. A good way to make sure we actually take time to make good food once in a while instead of just grabbing something easy. =D

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