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Top 2020 Posts

Here are posts with the most hits published this year. Did your favorites make the top?

Student Life

This category’s top post is also the best of 2020. New to Homeschooling? 8 Highlights from a Grad won the most views ever this year, and includes my best memories as a homeschooler growing up. I was a homeschooler – and online college student – before covid-19 made it cool. Check it out for an insider’s look. Second place goes to Completely Useless Advice STEM Students Hear All the Time, which definitely encourages me to continue complaining about my grad student problems in the future. These are also the two most popular posts of all.

General Science

5 Phyla to Find in a Tide Pool had the most likes and the most views in 2020. As a California girl I grew up exploring tide pools, but my General Zoology course opened my eyes to the incredible diversity I could find in one! We’re always learning about the remarkable beauty surrounding us in the natural world.

In second place, we have What is Metabolic Engineering? Check it out to learn more about this fascinating sector of the biotech industry!

Study Break

The top post here is 5 Beautiful Posts by Emily Dickinson – yes, I love her too! A report on Chrétien de Troyes and some original tongue-in-cheek doggerel were also popular. I’m definitely looking forward to more random topics to share next year.

Review Papers

Synthetic biology is my personal field of interest, so it was nice to see Engineering with Light & Air at the top of the list. (And the more technical second part, at that!) Here, we got to explore a review of various genetic tools being developed for making photosynthetic microbes more accessible to synthetic biologists. We use yeast to make bread and beer; if we could use, say, cyanobacteria, we could get away with only “feeding” it light and carbon dioxide. It’s an exciting opportunity that many scientists are working on. Plus, we get to break down a lot of jargon used in a bio lab.

Journal Club

And the winner of the 2020 Journal Club posts is: How Can We Improve Solar Power Technology? with the most views (and third most popular, ever). It’s great to see such an interest in clean energy at the blog! And cheers to my friend Dr. Leila Jewell, PhD physicist and an author on this paper.

A paper on on dancing water droplets took second place here. Physics seems to have enjoyed some interest this year, and we have more coming in the next.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to join me 2021 for more #LifelongLearning at Bio by the Bay.

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