study break

The Sanderlings

The fact that it's finals week means it's A-OK for me to post beach-themed doggerel.

The arms of the bay will tame the waves
To lap with subdued foam,
And as each one pulls up and back,
The sanderlings can roam.

Their long little legs run in with haste,
Their long little beaks peck,
Then with a dark a eye, a determined face,
They run back to avoid the wet.

Brown speckled feathers ought not to be used
As they dine in their friendly bands,
But instead their quick feet are employed to peruse
Some morsels embedded in sand.

Run, little sanderlings, chase the waves,
And run back again from the foam –
Don’t ever stop in your quaintest of ways,
Snatching lunch in a wave-beaten home.

In case you’ve never been blessed with the sight of sanderlings before, be sure to check out some Sanderlings on Neskowin Beach.

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