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1 Year, 90 Posts, 290 Followers, What’s Next

This Friday, 11/27/2020, will mark one year after the first post published on Bio By The Bay.

I’ve expanded and changed things a little bit from my original goals, but not much. My ultimate goal is to make science accessible without watering it down. I’ve definitely seen, more than anything else, my need for improvement here; this blog may well become a record of my own writing improvements more than anything else.

One exciting advancement we’ve had is the sistering up we’ve done with Mentors Now – a mentorship start-up for college students, connecting the developed world to the developing world. Mentors Now seeks to empower bright young students around the world and is co-founded by a friend of mine. This year she introduced me to the endeavor and we’ve had so much fun working together as we encourage and support each other on these projects.

Another big change is: I’ve started grad school! After over a year in industry, I’ve gone back to school and am pursuing a PhD. This expands our #StudentLife topics into #PhDLife, and offers great opportunities for me to spend time on the latest scientific literature. Science communication is also huge; I am always impressed at grad student mentors, post-docs, and professors who can take complicated science and sum it up clearly in an introdution to a lab rotation. Onboarding a student for an 8-week project complementing their year-long projects takes #SciComm to a whole new level!

I hope to present not just discoveries of science papers, but the logic of how the scientists made those discoveries. Much of science is troubleshooting experiments and staring at data until it makes sense. It’s all very logical, a very exciting sort of sleuth-work, and I hope to capture that. Especially for those students wondering – Do I want to be a scientist? Is this the career path I want to take?

Thanks for reading here at Bio By The Bay!

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