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Attempts at Science Poems

A smattering of science-themed poems because why not?

The fresh chalk squeaks. And from the yellow cloud
Emerge a code of ancient origin;
A partial differential, integration
Depending on your need. Here let the loud
Rustling of paper, pencils, scribble down
Each step, each derivation, with a spin
Of wrist to capture deltas, curves of Grecian
Past. Some annotations etch around:
The Gaussian. A charge or dipole’s field;
Magnetic loop, or flow from positivity.
Then Faraday. Each moving magnet makes
A field flowing, electric sparks at play.
With Ampere, forces’ self-sustaining flight
In time, in space, will iridesce as light.

Oceans I

particles falling
organic, inorganic:
carbon locked away.

Oceans II

sunlit water’s life
catch abyssal drifts; a pulse
from sky to the Deep.


fingers press wood, strings
sarcomeres to neurons string
chemical, physical codes –
music in seconds.

Lecture Hall

The cloud of fresh chalk
traces century-old code,
mathematizing light.


The oceanographical poems are based off of this paper.


  1. These are great! The first one about Maxwell’s equations takes me back to when I was a college student, learning about those complicated equations for the first time … so intimidating!! Would love to read more science poems if they are available anywhere!

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