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Attempts at Science Poems

A smattering of science-themed poems because why not?

The journal Consilience recently called for science poems with the theme of connectivity. The first issue was published this week! I missed the submission deadline, so congratulations, you get my unedited scribbles here.


The fresh chalk squeaks. And from the yellow cloud
Emerge a code of ancient origin;
A partial differential, integration
Depending on your need. Here let the loud
Rustling of paper, pencils, scribble down
Each step, each derivation, with a spin
Of wrist to capture deltas, curves of Grecian
Past. Some annotations etch around:
The Gaussian. A charge or dipole’s field;
Magnetic loop, or flow from positivity.
Then Faraday. Each moving magnet makes
A field flowing, electric sparks at play.
With Ampere, forces’ self-sustaining flight
In time, in space, will iridesce as light.

Oceans I

particles falling
organic, inorganic:
carbon locked away.

Oceans II

sunlit water’s life
catch abyssal drifts; a pulse
from sky to the Deep.


fingers press wood, strings
sarcomeres to neurons string
chemical, physical codes –
music in seconds.

Lecture Hall

The cloud of fresh chalk
traces century-old code,
mathematizing light.

Share your connectivity science poems below! Or better yet, consider Consilience’s next call for poems, on a new theme.

The first issue of Consilience came out June 22, so be sure to check out their amazing sciart works, from contributors all around the world, here! There are some really awesome poems to be discovered in it. 🙂


The oceanographical poems are based off of this paper.


  1. These are great! The first one about Maxwell’s equations takes me back to when I was a college student, learning about those complicated equations for the first time … so intimidating!! Would love to read more science poems if they are available anywhere!

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