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101 Daily Habits for Physical Health

Just some encouragement to get active, healthy, and happy today!

My current favorite WFH health hack is to turn the video off and pump some weights whenever I’m attending a meeting I just listen in to. When that gets boring I shake them like maracas. They will never know.

Keeping healthy and active is not only good for you physically, it’s good for your mood, your productivity, and your ability to cope with stress. Work or school, stressful situations will come up – it is so much easier for me to roll with the punches when I feel strong and energized.

1. Park farther away.
2. Add some lemon to your water.
3. Wake up extra early for a quick jog.
4. Wash & chop a bunch of fruits and veggies as soon as you get back from the store, so you can quickly & conveniently throw them together in various combinations for a quick salad or stir-fry for lunch.
5. Remember the sunscreen.
6. Try the five-second breathing technique: inhale 5 seconds, hold 5-seconds, exhale five seconds, for a quick soothing effect.
7. Stretch every morning.
8. Pack your lunch to work or school
9. Take a five-minute walk for every hour or so of work/study.
10. Take a power nap.
11. If you can, alternate sitting and standing at your desk.
12. Wind down with yoga at the end of the day.
13. Wind down with Zumba at the end of the day.
14. Take up tap dancing – stomping is a luxurious stress reliever.
15. Get some light wrist-weights and take them with you on your next neighborhood stroll.
16. Take your dog (or offer to take your neighbor’s dog) for a walk.
17. Freeze your favorite fruit & veggie mixes for easy access to quick breakfast smoothies.
18. Swap your sweetener with honey.
19. Swap your chocolate syrup with cocoa powder.
20. Spend 30 minutes a day lifting weights.
21. Practice holding a 1-minute plank.
22. Do 25 push-ups.
23. Do 25 squats.
24. Get a riveting podcast or page-turning audiobook that you only let yourself listen to while getting your standard exercise in.
25. Take up gardening.
26. Practice every day until you can do the splits.
27. Go to sleep at the same time every day.
28. Turn off your phone/computer/all possible screens an hour before bedtime.
29. Start a morning routine.
30. Start an evening routine.
31. Load your dinner plate with veggies first.
32. Bike to work.
33. Get a gym buddy and hold each other accountable.
34. Keep a physical activity log.
35. Keep a dietary log.
36. Roll out on a foam roller after every workout.
37. Use smaller plates & bowls.
38. Share meals with people, not screens/work/school.
39. Plan weekly meals.
40. Use the gym spa or sauna post-workout.
41. Try a different workout routine each day.
42. Plan a back-up exercise you can quickly complete in case you have a crazy day and lose time to do a regular workout.
43. Store some healthy back-up snacks for the same reason.
44. Arrange your pantry to make if easier to access apples and carrots than it is to access cookies and chips.
45. Swap the heels for something kinder to your back & knees.
46. Drink your coffee black or find some low-calorie sugar/cream substitutes.
47. Swap yoghurt for regular yoghurt.
48. Sweeten the yoghurt with your own fruit and honey (instead of getting it pre-sweetened.)
49. Get your heart rate up for 30 minutes every day.
50. Swap whole grain pasta for veggie pasta.
51. Swap whole milk for 2% milk.

52. Take a moment to reset your posture throughout the day.
53. Design your favorite 5-minute workout routine.
54. Compose a personalized de-stressing playlist.
55. While seated at your desk, see how long you can keep your foot tapping.
56. Take up horseback riding.
57. Take up surfing.
58. Find a local forest and practice shinrin yoku – take a walk, and try to notice everything you can possibly see, hear, taste, touch, smell. (ok, so maybe not taste, unless you’re very confident in your foraging skills.)
59. Go swimming.
60. Become a Pokémon Go master.
61. Learn tennis.
62. Learn basketball.
63. Do chair dips at your desk when no one is looking.
64. Choose the unsalted/low sodium version.
65. Drink a glass of green tea.
66. Get outside – preferably in the sunshine – every day.
67. Embrace your inner child and climb a tree.
68. Make a loved one smile every day.
69. Forgive. It is good for your health.
70. Say thank you. It is also good for your health.
71. Train your cat to use a harness and take it for walks.
72. Schedule weekly/monthly outings with friends at places you need to walk a lot – museums, amusement parks, nerdy themed fairs, local/regional/state/national parks, etc.
73. Go ice skating/roller skating.
74. Get some jump rope.
75. Push your push-ups into some clapping/one-armed/otherwise impressive variation.
76. Straighten up around the house – every floor scrub is an arm workout, and every broomsweep counts towards your 10,000 steps.
77. Try a sugar fast every once in a while.
78. Embrace you inner child and climb a tree.
79. Take some classes that will teach you the local flora, fauna, and geology and require regular field trips to test your knowledge.
80. Flavor your meals with spices instead of sauces.
81. Jog in place or pump some weights during your next Netflix binge.
82. Find your favorite foods to add fiber to your diet.
83. Cut out sugary drinks.
84. Wake up early and only hit the coffee after some exercise to kick-start your morning.
85. Swap your pre-flavored instant oats for steel cut outs with your own custom flavors.
86. Write down your health goals and stick them to your bathroom mirror.
87. Do 10 minutes strength training for every 10 minutes cardio.
88. Swap the sports drinks for water.
89. Colorize your meals with fruits and veggies all colors of the rainbow.
90. Dare yourself to try exotic new fruits, nuts, and veggies you find at the store.
91. Hire a friend to slap unhealthy food out of your hands.
92. Hire a friend to slap you every time you pause your workout to take selfies and check yourself out in the mirror.
93. Discover some new whole grains. Quinoa. Wild rice. Couscous. Barley.
94. Dental hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth every day.
95. Quit smoking.
96. Warm up before the work out.
97. Walk or jog on dirt trails rather than cement or asphalt.
98. Bench press.
99. Start a local hyper-competitive friendly sports team for the folks at work/ neighborhood/ church/ etc.
100. Take the stairs.
101. Laugh really, really hard at least once a day.

Bonus! 2020 Global Pandemic Additions
102. Shelter in place.
103. Stay 6+ feet away from everyone else.
104. Decorate your very own personalized face mask to wear whenever you’re out in public.
Future generations: This is not a joke. We actually did this and we stuck to it religiously.

Your turn! What are your favorite workout routines, meal preps, stress relievers, and healthy habits?


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