In Which Purpose Is Explicated

Written by Hannah Edstrom

Science is not a heartless pursuit of objective information; it is a creative human activity.

Stephen Jay Gould

The aim of this site is to become a collection of resources for aspiring scientists. In the meantime it will be a place for me to present a bunch of essays about scientific papers.

Upcoming reviews will focus on papers in which I know one or more of the authors, papers from my college studies, and papers in the field of either (1) oceanography or (2) biotechnology. I’ll try to stick to open access papers so you can poke around in them after reading my take on it and see if it makes any more sense than it did before.

Types of posts:

  • Scientific paper overviews – in which I walk through a scientific journal article and try to make sense of it
  • Covering the basics – if I get interested in a particular ‘basic science’ topic mentioned in an overview (photosynthesis, redox reactions, biology’s central dogma, etc.) I may post a quick introduction to the topic. Or, just send you to a Crash Course vlog/Khan Academy video. Whatever works.
  • Answering your questions – answering any questions I may get on a scientific paper overview post.
  • Chats with contributors – since I’m trying to stick with papers associated with people I’ve met at school or work, there’s a chance I may bring them on here to share their fountains of wisdom on both their research and advice they may have for future scientists.

Final Note

This is a hobby site. I have no editor. I have very little outside input. At this point I basically pick a paper I think is cool and write what I think about it. Some (or even much) of what I say could be wrong, so trust your textbooks and professors over me and feel free to leave a comment if something seems off.

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